DIY Tools

Tools for DIY Kits

Many crafters already have these basic jewelry making tools in their toolbox. If you don't, you can pick them up without breaking the bank and they will allow you to create any design in our DIY Kits. Make it easy and purchase with us or see below for our purchasing recommendation.

For Budget Friendly: Set of 3 Economic Pliers

For Hand Comfort: Set of three Ergonomic Pliers

For the "I only want them for this project": Set of 3 Pliers

 Even I've never purchased anything close to these! Top of the line.

Because you like the pretty things: Tools with style


You can always search for your own and buy them individually.
Things to keep in mind:

For Chain nose- Avoid pliers that have teeth on them. It will destroy your wire.

For Side Cutters- If you are going to invest in one piece, make it the side cutters. There is nothing more frustrating than cutters that don't cut!

For all of the pliers: Make sure to buy full size, not mini or travel size.

Sometimes the comfort and ease of a tool is personal preference. You don't always need expensive equipment - some of my favorite pliers were less than $10 each.