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LAYERING SETS (More options) Necklace

LAYERING SETS (More options) Necklace

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We are making layering effortless with our layer sets. These will be sized to fit together in a tier. Note that bodies are different and not all necklaces will fall exactly as picture. It is normal for necklaces to move and they may overlap. Experiment by wearing a couple at a time. Sets are as follows

CELESTIAL: MIcro moon (16"), Infinity (17"), Shining star (18.25")- all 14K gold fill Regular $138, Set $125 (Limited available)

MULTI-PENDANT: Sun Tarot Card(20"), Mini California18"), Flora CZ Necklace(16") Regular $144, Set $129

LION AND LARIAT: Mini Magdalena (18.25", not including drop), Lion head necklace (16.25), Micro Crystal Pink (14.5") Regular $138, Set $119

GEOMETRIC: Flutter Necklace (20"), Petite Half Circle (18.25"), Micro Bar (16") Regular $120, Set $105

DAINY LAYER: Flutter (18"), float (16.5") Micro Star (15.5") Regular $124, Set $109

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