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Amethyst "Purple Rain" Shoe Charms Set of 4 or 8

Amethyst "Purple Rain" Shoe Charms Set of 4 or 8

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They say Amethyst is powerful, protective, cleansing and healing and while we can't guarantee a stress free day, we do know that having these little guys in sight might make for a good reminder to stay present. 

Package includes one set (4 charms) including a large Swarovski mauve drop, a small purple color swarovski charm, a bezeled Amethyst stone and a plated golden heart. You can purchase the single set and design your shoes as you wish or go for two matching sets (8 charms, 2 of each). Loops are large enough to slide onto almost any shoe lace.

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How to I use the shoe charms or beads? We suggest taking your lace out of your shoe and then stringing them on as you re-lace your shoe so you can place them where and how you'd like. Of course, if you want them towards the ends of the lace, no need to undo your laces first. 
Will they stay on? With proper care, these should not fall off. For charms, heavy duty jump rings are used so that it is not easy to pull open. Care should be taken to avoid situations where you are walking or running in areas with deep debris or items that can snag on the charm. If your laces are thin, we recommend tying a knot at the end of your lace, after stringing, if any charms or beads are place beyond the last lace hole, and testing they cannot fall off.
Are they water resistant?  Yes, most items are resistant to water but some might be more susceptible to tarnishing than others. For metal items, be mindful when wearing in inclement weather and consider drying off charms after they get wet. 
These are intended to be fun, versatile and  play into your creativity, allowing you to mix and match and place how and where suits your style. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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