Business Consulting


Owner of Mimi & Lu, Michelle Watson, has been consulting with other aspiring designers and small business owners for over 5 years. One constant she has found throughout most of her consults, is that people feel overwhelmed. With her one on one coaching sessions, she can help you navigate the parts of your business that you are struggling with, catering each session  to your specific needs and concerns.  Michelle believes in teaching from experience and is the first to say there are many ways to grow your business. She is sharing what she has learned in growing Mimi & Lu from a single sale to a co-worker to a brand that has been seen in various media outlets such as People Magazine and sold to hundreds of wholesale accounts as well as thousands of customers nationally and internationally. And doing so without formal experience or training in jewelry-making, business, fashion or retail. It is possible!

These personalized packages are ideal for clients in various stages of their business. Whether you simply considering launching your business and need to sort through the starter steps or have a more established small business with specific questions, customized sessions are built for your unique situation. The packages are also helpful for crafters who have been selling on Etsy or other websites and want to expand their business to the wholesale market as well as small business owners who often work alone and want to bounce ideas and questions off another small business professional. 

Mimi & Lu Business Consulting Packages:


A 75 minute in-person (or via Skype) session addressing your specific questions and concerns about your business. We have found this time frame to be a perfect amount of time for our clients to get the most information out of the session, without feeling overwhelmed.


A 75 minute in person (or via Skype) session plus a 3 month in depth email follow up OR 20 minute phone follow up to discuss what is working, not working or to define the next steps. (We find some prefer email so that they can reference the information while others enjoy the back and forth ability on the phone. Choose what works for you!) 

BE BOLD $275

Two 90 minute in person (or via Skype) sessions PLUS an in depth email follow up OR 20 minute phone follow up to discuss what is working, not working or to define the next steps. Each clients needs will be addressed individually to determine scheduling of the three sessions. 

Michelle only books sessions with clients she truly feels she can assist. If your needs are beyond her scope, such as in a field that requires more specialty instruction, she will do her best to refer you to a coach that can best address your needs. 

To inquire about a consulting session, email:

with your name and a bit about your business or potential business as well as the key questions or concerns you hope to address. Also include which package you are interested in and if you prefer to have your session in person at our downtown San Diego studio or via Skype. We will get back to you within 3 business days to set up your consulting session!

And congrats on taking the first step to moving forward and building your business!