The Pink & Gold Line Necklace by Parker

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The Pink & Gold Line Necklace was a commissioned Mother's Day piece. It includes semi-precious stones, glass, Swarovski Crystal and more. The chain is a matte gold colored 30" chain. Stones include Chalcedony, Quartz, Howlite, Dyed Pink Jade, Swarovski, Gold plated charms and more.

These necklaces are one of a kind pieces are meticulously arranged and designed by Parker, the 7 year old son of Mimi & Lu's owner. Parker is a pediatric cancer patient and has chosen to give 10% of each of his sales to a charity of his choice. (Another 10%, he explains, is for spending and the remainder will go into his savings). Parker requested his charitable contribution from this sale help the homeless and will donate 10% to Father Joe's Villages.

Check back for more of Parker's work or commission a piece by contacting us. 

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